But you know I was thinking about starting pony commissions soonish (wow there is way too much shit I want to do lol), today I was thinking of costs and that shit hm. I’ll have a lot to figure out thats for sure! Ok sleep now night.

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ballet investigation, start!

  • ahiru, super high school level ornithologist!!! that’s why she has binoculars. some people think she’s so good with birds its like she can communicate with them. she just giggles a little at that and never denies it. then she launches into a long spiel about how birds communicate and she’s so bright-eyed and so excited that you can’t leave no matter how much you hate birds
  • fakir, shsl children’s book writer. parents go to his readings at public libraries and are like. wtf. i didnt sign up for this teenage boy??? how does he write such wholesome stories for my kids. and fakir just glares at the children. sit down. but then he reads and he’s ok. he softens up after a while to the kids he’s not terrible. (he’s tried writing other types of stories before but he can’t)
  • rue, shsl primadonna!!! she’s the only true ballerina. she’s beauty. she’s grace. she’s ms. united states (is ballet her true passion tho??? ooh mystery ooh)

(rue, why aren’t you transparent? ahiru is wondering. fakir is pissed. and rue refuses to answer)

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I think I have a serious problem ponytails are a severe weakness of mine babe city everyone hot damn

Foreshortening practice that somehow turned into RWBY.

reblogging again for the afternoon/morning people—

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Idk what to do with the old one now? 8`D

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絶対絶望少女 || すみっこ

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strangely shaped puppies where are you going

strangely shaped puppies


Also I am worried that you’re not taking your bone digging practices seriously

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ah yes, its almost halloween. 

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Persona 4 Arena Ultimax: Full Trailer

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Colour tests of the main cast from Revolutionary Girl Utena. They obviously still hadn’t figured out all the character designs at this stage. Blue haired Utena looks like the underling of Ursula the sea witch.

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From what I read in Japanese forums about Zettai Zetsubou Hagakure:

1. Hagakure is supposed to bring people from Towa city.

2. The novel starts at the same time as Zettai Zetsubou Shoujo

3. Hagakure meets up with Kanon, but he’s forced to flee with her due to the circumstances.

4. Hagakure and Kanon goes through some adventure together.

5. Kanon mentions that she had pitching practice with Leon after he entered highschool.

6. Kanon talks about her feelings towards Leon to Hagakure. Hagakure says that he must have loved her like how Hagakure loves his mom.

7. There’s no mention of other characters on kill list card appearing in the novel in forums. Which means there’s very low chance of other characters appearing. In fact, there was a lot of discussion about their backgrounds and relationships, but not a single post was about the novel.

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F: “Seeing you like that right now…makes me a little anxious. I’m not sure why, but…”

K: “No need to worry…it’s okay. After all, I have Fukawa-san as a strong-hearted friend!”

F: (blushing) “I…guess…so….”

awww ;u;

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shipping monaka w other characters?? no. the only monaka ship is physically shipping her far away from junko enoshima’s toxic influence.

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