It was (sorta) fun while it lasted.

Actually, it wasn’t all that fun. Plus, I always felt like there was the very real possibility that in the end, stupidity would win out. As it will. 

Can’t believe it lasted this long. Still in disbelief that it worked at all.


Even though an authentication requirement isn’t likely to happen right away, though, our source notes that what could happen relatively soon is that the content providers could require longer delays before their shows become available on the service for non-subscribers. Cable subscribers, under this model, would get access to a show on Hulu the next day, while non-subscribers would have to wait at least 30 days. This model would likely also apply to Hulu Plus subscribers.”

jesus roosevelt christ, tv people, what is your PROBLEM

I mean, fine, if you want me to pirate your shows instead of watch them with commercials so you can make money off me, fine. I’ll do that.

#I can’t afford cable assholes #what is the point of this assholery #what is the point #IF I HAVE CABLE I DO NOT NEED HULU ffs


what gets me is they never learn.

the media industry fought hard against record players, portable walkmen, burnable discs, vcrs and video recording, dvds, tivo, and digital music. and they always ended up losing.

but, bless, they keep on fighting.

I don’t use hulu much (I have cable thanks to living at home) but for those of you who do, might want to see this.


Dammit Tv industry, do you want me to pirate? Fuck I really hope this does not end up happening.

May 02, 2012 - 9:19am [2 years ago]
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    Cable companies must die. The sooner
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    WHAT?! Dammit Tv industry, do you want me to pirate? Fuck I really hope this does not end up happening.
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    “Hulu, however, does want to be a good partner and may have to give in to its partners’ pressure soon or later.” be a...
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    whineandbeer: parislemon:...…if i could afford cable, i wouldn’t need. hulu., you...
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    Make it harder to get the content, always a strong play. You know, just like stores set weird restrictive hours and...
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    If I have to do this I want ALL of the current season, no matter who owns it. If I have to do this I want the news. If I...
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    The TV industry is just full to the brim with ignorant asses, which is why shit like this never surprises me. :I
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    I highly highly doubt this will actually happen. Netflix didn’t split into two companies because everyone on the...
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    You know what? Hulu can smd. I watched shows on your site and gave you money, but now I won’t because 1) fuck you and 2)...
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