Minecraft. You’re some blocky person that punches trees made out of pixels and you kill dead people, spiders, and giant green penises that blow up

Dead Space. You’re an engineer, and your dead girlfriend is clingy and attacks you.

Shadow of the Colossus. You’re this little guy running around in this empty space looking for these giants to kill, just to revive your dead girlfriend lolz

Pokemon: you leave your house to be an animal trainer. 

Okami: You play as a dog with a paintbrush. It’s basically Twilight Princess.

Kingdom Hearts: You save the world using a key with your friends; a duck and a dog are your companions.

Tales of the Abyss: You play as the photocopy of an aristocrat who loves his master and travels with his companions who he initially hates. He then has a change of heart and he has to stop his master who’s angry about the fall of angel island.

Tales of Graces F: You play some dimwit and with his friends which include a little emotionless girl , a whiney obsessive girl that gets in the way of the yaois, an obviously gay prince, the dimwit’s tsundere brother, an old guy that makes everything perverted and a “genius” who has a creepy obsession with touching the little girl. The game is basically finding out how “magical” friendship is. It’s like My little pony the JRPG. 

persona 3: you walk up stairs at night

Persona 4: You hangout with people in a small town. Sometimes you watch Tvs.

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    League pf legends Pick a character and die while being yelled at by your own team
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    So these assholes pick you up off the side of the road and carriage you with a bunch of other criminals Turns out you’re...
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    A prince and a group of random people he finds on the country kill countless people to protect a shield that a stingy...
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    You live in a town full of furries and owe money to a tycoon the whole game.
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    You play as a kid who captures animals and makes them fight each other for money.
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    an average joe runs around confused in his wife’s favourite vacation town after he gets a letter from her and has an...
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    A crazy overdramatic teenage girl, uses her imagination, to fix her problems, by doing absolutly nothing in the real...
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